Expert advice. Strategic. Commercial. Operational. Technical.

 Portfolio Management

The tools and skills you need to manage your business successfully.

 Oil Products Trading

We provide guidance and advice on a wide range of petroleum product trading strategies. We help new entrants to the oil commodity markets gain access to the best clients for their business needs. We can locate and introduce the service providers that enable successful execution of your business and trading strategies.

 Asset Optimisation

The interface between the trading, commercial and operational functions is the key to success in this ever-more competitive market. Red Red Kite can help you to optimise these intra-company interactions to improve commercial flexibility, enhance organisational protocols and ultimately improve the bottom line.


Bespoke training. From explaining the basic concepts employed within the oil trading environment to in-depth analysis of specific technical subjects we are able to provide tailor-made packages to suit your requirements. Whether you need an overview of the fundamentals of petroleum product trading, or a look at hedging tools and techniques, risk management systems and many other topics… we have you covered!

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